Oklahoma operator deploys new pressure pumping tech

By Luke Geiver | June 06, 2017

An Oklahoma-focused oil producer has deployed a new type of pressure pumping unit. Midstates Petroleum, an independent oil and gas producer, announced recently that pressure pumping units fueled by 100 percent compressed natural gas were used to frack an Oklahoma well. The technology, designed and provided by Eco-Stim Energy Solutions, was used for the first time ever in the U.S. The turbine-engine-powered units can be run from natural gas supplied from the field, a nearby sales pipeline, LNG or diesel fuel. At 800 pounds each, the trailer units can produce 4,500 HHP.

“We are pleased to support emerging technologies in this industry that can also cost effectively reduce emissions and increase efficiencies in our operations,” said Mitch Elkins, executive vice president of operations for Midstates. “While we have yet to see the full cost benefits from the natural gas powered pumping units, we plan to move towards field gas as a fuel source and will continue working closely with the Eco-Stim team to achieve our cost control objectives.”

Eco-Stim signed the service contract with Midstates in January and worked until May to line-up the necessary team members and accompanying equipment to complete Midstate’s well.

Eco-Stim is also focused on and has offices in Argentina. The main offerings for the company are linked to reducing horsepower requirements, emissions, surface footprint and providing a more streamlined and eco-friendly stimulation solution for its operator clients. The company also offers a proprietary methodology and technology that allows operators to reduce the number of stages stimulated in a well based on predictive analysis of production zones.

“This is a very significant milestone for the company as we have now successfully entered the U.S. well stimulation market,” said Barry Ekstrand, senior vice president of the company’s North America operations.