Why oil, gas producers aren’t the enemy

By Staff | May 30, 2017

Oil and gas producers in New Mexico now have new talking points to use when explaining what they do and why they do it to those who stand in opposition or are unclear about the reasons to continue development of oil and gas. Last week, George Sharpe, investment manager with Merrion Oil & Gas, an E&P firm based in Farmington, New Mexico, provided us with a PowerPoint he recently delivered to Leadership New Mexico about oil and gas development.

His presentation was meant to address hot-button issues often cited by environmentalists. According to Sharpe, the presentation offers an assessment for the future of oil and gas. Below is a brief synopsis of his messaging.

How should we talk or think about climate change?

-Climate change is real and man is a major contributor.

What is the role of fossil fuel in climate change?

-Consumption of fossil fuels is the issue, not the production.

What is the future of energy consumption?

-The U.S. and the world will continue to consume more energy, not less. And, We need to mitigate our impact and increase renewables in our energy portfolio, but that is going to take time. Until that day comes, fossil fuels are absolutely necessary to our lives and our livelihoods.

How should we think about fossil fuel energy production?

Drilling and producing oil and gas does impact the environment, but the true impact is minimal compared to the environmental rhetoric. There is no zero impact scenario. Even renewables leave a serious footprint. And, fracking doesn’t get into groundwater. Finally, as long as you need petroleum, it makes sense to produce it domestically versus buying it from elsewhere.