Diverter distributors explain shale industry trend

By Staff | April 26, 2017

This week’s question and answer piece stems from an upcoming feature story soon to be released. John Moisson and Brad Todd, founders and leaders of their respective entities, spoke with our team in-depth on the topic of diverters. Biodegradeable diverters are made from various materials, typically PLA. The substance—in bead, fiber or dust form—has become a term often cited by operators during the past several quarters. Diversion material has been proven to increase well productivity without increasing well completion costs. The material essentially allows a frack engineer to seal off a portion of a well during pressure pumping. Then, in hours or days depending on the pressure and temps downhole, the diversion material hydrolyzes and allows the perforations it had been blocking to once again flow freely.

When we asked Moisson how important diverters have been to his business, he offered several thoughts, but as you will see in the article, none more important that this answer: his company has started a separate division for oil and gas clients demanding its diverter material and distribution services. Todd, based out of Oklahoma, had a somewhat similar answer. His team is already looking to hire more lab techs to meet demand from clients wanting to know more about the capabilities of diverters.

When we asked each what the advantages of diverters are, have been, or will be to shale wells from Texas to Pennsylvania, they each offered their own take, but if summed up, it would be that each has been on the well site during a frack job and seen the pressure increase that takes place in the well bore after diverters have been pumped. That pressure increase proves that once applied to a section of the well, other sections stand to benefit by getting more even amounts of fluid and proppant into perforations. (In some cases 10 percent of the fracks get 70 percent of the fluid. Diverters help to more evenly distribute that ratio).

When we asked the diverter developers and distributors what they believe the future brings for the use of diverters, each said they believe the shale industry is only just now beginning to understand the value of the biodegradable materials value to downhole operations. Look for the full story next week.