Data portal shows impact of E&P sector by state

By Staff | March 22, 2017

New data from the Western Energy Alliance offers insight on the potential for job creation if, or when, oil production rises in the U.S. Should oil production increase in North Dakota by 25 percent, the state will add at least another 1,886 jobs, according to a massive research effort completed by John Dunham & Associates.

The data effort includes an interactive map that allows a user to view the current job market and impact of oil and gas on a very regionalized level. For instance, a user can view information on Eddy County, New Mexico, (home to portions of the Delaware Basin). The data shows the direct economic impact oil and gas production has on a given region, along with the supplier economic impact, induced economic impact and of course, the total economic role oil and gas has in terms of jobs created and wages.

While WEA’s point with part of the data is to show how important oil and gas is to western states and how much the states could grow if a shift in policies were too take place, the data is unique and offers a very rich snapshot of activity and job types currently present in the West.

To view the data set, click here.