Why API says, “This ain’t your daddy’s oil”

By North American Shale magazine staff | March 31, 2017

After a decade spent urging Americans to vote for domestic oil and gas production—due to its job creation and foreign oil independence ability—the American Petroleum Institute is telling a new story. During this year’s Super Bowl, API unveiled a new campaign that attempts to explain how oil- and gas-based products are unable to make the impossible, possible.

The Super Bowl ad, and subsequent marketing campaign that has hit print, digital and other outlets, used a slogan to relay a change API believes we should recognize when thinking about oil, “This ain’t your daddy’s oil.” The commercial used images of lipstick, prosthetic limbs, pumping hearts, futuristic sports cars and astronauts. Jack Gerard, API president and CEO, said the campaign included the products and technological advances to show what has been made possible by oil and gas. “From lifesaving medical devices to cosmetics at the drug store from plastics in our toys and cell phones to 3D printers, Power Past Impossible demonstrates how natural gas and oil provide value well beyond just transportation fuels or cooking and heating,” he said.

“Just five years ago,” he added, “no one would have imagined the U.S. could increase production and refining of oil and natural gas while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, which today are near 25 year lows.”