Raven adds in Permian, goes 24/7 on production of drilling fabric

By Raven Industries Inc. | March 08, 2017

Raven Industries Inc. has announced that its Engineered Films division, an innovative manufacturer of polymer film and sheeting, has added production capacity to its Midland, Texas facility to meet demand from Permian oil and gas producers.

In recent months, Raven has experienced an increase in demand for its durable geomembrane containment liners, used during the drilling process in the Permian Basin and other shale plays across the country. Raven geomembranes are used to line frack pits, secondary containment systems, reserve ponds and rig-site pad liners; these products play a significant role in protecting the environment by preventing the escape of brine produced water and other drilling fluids into the surrounding soils and water reserves.

Raven has invested in additional manufacturing capabilities, enhancing the overall capacity of its facility in Midland, Texas. As part of the expansion process, new 146-inch wide-width raw materials, produced on the company’s advanced extrusion-lamination line in Sioux Falls, S.D., will be further processed at the Midland plant into finished containment systems. Raven has also increased the available production capacity of its Midland operation by three-fold, adding shifts and extending production to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By more than doubling Raven’s workforce, this increase has also created additional job openings in Midland. In mid-January, Raven production ramped up, and in two short weeks, the company seamlessly implemented all the requirements to meet full capacity output.

“We felt swift action was necessary to continue to provide our customers with the quick deliveries and quality service they expect from Raven,” said Anthony Schmidt, vice president and general manager of Raven Engineered Films. “This also allowed us to strategically prepare to meet the growing needs of the industry by more than tripling production capacity in our key Midland operation.”

Raven Engineered Films is fully committed to developing innovative materials by designing value-add and sustainable products to meet and exceed the latest industry standards. Raven is welcoming all product inquires to assist with the additional capacity needs of the gas and oil industry.