New shale energy magazine launches this week

By North American Shale Magazine Staff | February 08, 2017

BBI International announced this week the launching of a new shale oil publication titled North American Shale magazine.  Formerly the award-winning Bakken magazine, the publication has expanded its reach to now cover all shale oil and gas plays in North America.

This new publication will be offered free to subscribers inside the United States and the content will be geared for exploration and production firms, service companies, midstream service providers, infrastructure and construction units, industry consultants, energy-focused analysts and investors, regional decision makers and experienced shale players or related business owners and interested parties.

North American Shale magazine will offer a unique combination of reach and comprehensive content. The publishing company, BBI International, believes that through in-depth feature articles in print, online pieces outlining activity trends, expert contributions from proven sources, or special projects originally produced every month from their editorial and design team, North American Shale Magazine will give readers timely stories, graphics and images readers can use for making decisions in the world of shale, whether they are located in Texas,  North Dakota, Oklahoma or Pennsylvania—along with other regions home to important shale plays.

North American Shale Magazine offers an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities present for all entities linked to this historically unprecedented time for shale energy development,” says Luke Geiver, Editor of North American Shale magazine. “We are excited to be increasing our reach and coverage from the Bakken region to the entire shale oil industry in North America.”

The magazine will be distributed to more than 7,500 readers bi-monthly and the e-Newsletter, called the Shale Scene, will be sent out each week to more than 42,000 email subscribers.

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About North American Shale magazine:  

Founded by the award-winning editorial, design and media productions team responsible for the nation’s first-ever and most successful Bakken-specific publication and event series, the North American Shale magazine team is both proven and best-suited to connect the critical information and in-depth storylines to the massive shale-focused audience present across North America today.

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