Oil sands to Permian: Predator Drilling enters West Texas

By Luke Geiver | February 07, 2017

Predator Drilling Inc. has found a new place to prowl. The Canadian-based drilling and coring company has announced plans to open a new office in Midland, Texas. Under the subsidiary Predator Drilling LLC, the Alberta firm that built its business operating in the oil sands of Canada starting in 2008, is now serving Permian Basin-focused customers.

The company offers shallow pre-set rigs designed to drill the vertical sections of an unconventional oil or gas well, along with deeper-reaching pre-set rigs, coring rigs and slanting rigs. Through its integrated drilling service, Predator’s team can drill, case and cement the surface portion of the well. In 2015, Predator Drilling acquired 12 modern rigs, bringing the company’s total asset number to 27. From Alberta to Saskatchewan, Predator has five rigs running.

 In Texas, the company has already completed its first well for a producer in need of pre-set drilling services. According to Shane Walper, president and CEO of Predator, the company’s team has worked hard to expand operations into West Texas. “The Permian Basin is one of the most active basins in North America and we are grateful to have the opportunity to provide services in this exciting market,” Walper said.

Drilling service providers like Predator are not the only entities making a move to the Permian. SM Energy and Halcon Resources, both exploration and production companies, have also made a move from their main operating regions to enter the Permian. More on SM Energy and Halcon Resources