Learning To Talk The Bakken Talk

By Luke Geiver | October 20, 2015

Equity analysts covering the oil and gas sector can talk the talk. When we spoke to analysts from Denver and Houston for the feature, “Bakken Wall Street Coverage,” our conversations were littered with up-to-date industry jargon utilized by private investors, energy firm CEOs and the analysts themselves to describe a complex situation in a few words. We heard terms like dead-cat bounce, DUC or the new favorite, lower-for-longer. Although the language of analysts may be infused with unique terms and sentence structures, the level of detail present in their collective messaging shows their connection to the oil and gas world. Speculation and predictive commentary provided by any analyst is only as good as the clarity within their hypothetical crystal ball is, but after reading this month’s piece you should get a sense of investor sentiment, the trending theme used to describe the state of the industry and the potential activity level expected when an oil price rally does occur.

In the interim, don’t let low oil prices lead you to believe that activity levels are stalled. All of the talk pointing to the need for efficiency in the oilfield is truly taking place and keeping the production levels in the play consistently near 1.1 million barrels per day. Staff writer Patrick C. Miller saw the field’s activity level first hand during his drive through the Bakken in the truck of Guillermo Barreto, business development manager for global power supplier Aggreko. Barreto and Miller toured the Bakken to see Aggreko’s unique approach to remote power supply and now, flare capture and utilization techniques. We’ve covered the work of Aggreko previously, but never to this level of detail. The story on their efforts in the Bakken helps to reveal just how far service companies have come from the early days of the Bakken’s activity and more importantly, how far they are still willing to go through investment and workforce commitment. (Barreto packs extra clothes in his truck to ensure he can stay on the road safer and longer).

As you continue to navigate the low oil price environment, rest assured our team is as committed as ever to covering the Bakken and telling the story of this truly unique period on the timeline of the oil, gas and energy world. By now, we hope you can see our level of commitment, investment and time devoted to bringing you the magazine. If this is only your first or second time reading this publication, check us out in the coming months, I think you’ll like what you see. We may not have an extra set of clothes in our vehicles at all times like Barreto, but when it’s time to cover a relevant story on the progression of the Bakken, rest assured our brand will be there.


Luke Geiver
The Bakken magazine