Bakken Event Reveals Play’s Evolution

For the second straight year, our team is hosting a unique event revealing the state of the Bakken shale play. The Bakken Conference & Expo will take place July 27 to 29 at the Alerus Center, in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
By Luke Geiver | June 10, 2015

For the second straight year, our team is hosting a unique event revealing the state of the Bakken shale play. The Bakken Conference & Expo, July 27 to 29 at the Alerus Center, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, will provide in-depth analysis and timely presentations on topics including: exploration and production trends, infrastructure and construction updates, logistical challenges, investor perspective and new product and technology offerings. “As Bakken-focused businesses continue to navigate the low crude price environment, two themes continue to emerge: how to find efficiencies and how to reduce operating costs. We’ve worked with industry leaders to find the stories and presentations that show what efficiency and cost-reduction efforts look like,” said Luke Geiver, program director of the Bakken Conference & Expo and editor of The Bakken magazine.  “Because the event mimics the content of our print publication, attendees will receive valuable insight on multiple elements of the Bakken play.”

The event will start on Monday with an entire day focused on infrastructure issues important to the Bakken, including: rail, pipeline, water, gas processing, fleet transportation, power and commercial construction. The single-day seminar, “The Bakken’s Backbone,” also features never-before delivered presentations on the future economics of the Bakken. Before the opening ceremonies conclude on Monday evening, a special presentation titled, “Bakken Workforce Update,” will describe employment trends, challenges and opportunities for every entity tied to the Bakken.

“Our team has established an extensive and impressive lineup to kick-off the first day of the conference. The Bakken’s Backbone seminar will give attendees an overview on infrastructure needs and projects pertinent to the Bakken,” said Geiver. “We’re excited for our day to come full-circle with a panel of experts—including a joint presentation from Michael Ziesch of North Dakota Labor Market Information Center and Cindy Sanford of Job Service Customer Service Office in Williston, along with a major Bakken energy services firm—providing insight on the state of the Bakken workforce.”

To commence the second day, Continental Resources Inc. will provide a keynote address outlining the operator’s perspective on the Williston Basin and its stance on U.S.-based crude exports. John Harju, associate director for research at the Energy & Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota, has created a presentation explaining the evolution of the Bakken. In the past decade, EERC has been on the leading edge of Bakken-based research, work Harju says helps to illustrate how the Bakken will transform in the years ahead. Harju will also be co-presenting with Continental Resources on one of the Bakken’s most-watched and important projects to date: The Hawkinson Unit project, a multiwell pad that could represent the future for several Williston Basin well pads.

Along with the Bakken’s largest producer and the play’s most-respected research institution, the second day will feature a behind-the-scenes look at a proposed $4 billion gas-to-plastics plant that will utilize Bakken associated gas as feedstock. To give attendees an up-close experience with some of the Bakken’s most prominent figures, Geiver will be sitting down with Kathy Neset, owner of Neset Consulting Services, Dan Eberhart, CEO of Canary Wellhead and Brandon Elliott, executive vice president of Northern Oil & Gas Inc. The sit-down, roundtable discussion will include on-point questions and answers to some of the play’s most pressing issues and trends.

More than half of all presenters slated for the event hold the title of President, CEO or Director, Geiver says, an element of the event that guarantees attendees a comprehensive view into the Bakken circa 2015. In addition to decision-maker insight, other presentations included during the three-day event are: “The Future of Hydraulic Fracturing,” “The Message During Low Oil Prices,” “Bakken Gas Processing Technology Advancements,” and “Understanding The Environment: Waste Handling, Remediation and Prevention Strategies.”

“I’m excited that conference attendees will have the same opportunity we have during the course of our work week to hear from the experts and learn about Bakken trends, developments and breakthroughs,” said Patrick Miller, staff writer for The Bakken magazine.

“The 2015 version of our event will showcase the topics, trends and stories that will usher in a new era of Bakken production and development,” Geiver said.

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